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Audacious Farms

Our Mission

We bring balance and synergy to one’s wellness routine.

Audacious Farms

Why We’re Better

Research + Hard Work = Better Genetics

The top professional athletes succeed because of their genetics and hard work. At Endo Scientific, it all comes down to research, genetics, and hard work. Fortunately for us, 99% of our competition can’t compete when it comes to genetics and the other 1% doesn’t work as hard as us.

Audacious Farms

What We Do:

We set the standard and we’re constantly trying to raise the bar.

We are THE whole food and whole plant cannabinoid company. While our competition races to produce high quantities of low-quality hemp, our focus is on cultivating and preserving the rarest of bioactive compounds.

Audacious Farms

Who We Serve

We serve people that want to feel alive. We help both the young and old wellness customers on their journey to a healthier and more fulfilled life. Our tribe believes in natural synergy and that the road to happiness and longevity goes through enabling the endocannabinoid system.

We help people learn about the benefits of whole plant medicine and Endo Scientific exists to be at the center of people who envision a better quality of life

What We Believe

Good things happen when people consume whole plants and full-spectrum hemp. 

EndoScientific is in the business of educating families and friends about the endocannabinoid system. We believe everyone should consume whole foods and full-spectrum hemp extracts that support a body in balance. We are just scratching the surface when it comes to understanding synergistic relationships between animals, plants, and fungi, and Endo Scientific was founded to explore these intricate biodynamic relationships. We are committed 

We help people learn about the benefits of whole plant medicine and Endo Scientific exists to be at the center of people who envision a better quality of life

EndoScientific’s Promise

 Better Genetics + Better Soil / Microbes = Better Oil

Regenerative & Biodynamic Farming Philosophy:

  We are healing the world through cultivating hemp. Unlike most of our competitors, Endo Scientific doesn’t rely on 3rd party growers, processors, and manufacturers to craft our hemp extracts.  We are passionate about developing regenerative natural ingredients for our customers and we have spent years developing and researching our proprietary hemp genetics. No other company in the world utilizes the same hemp genetics and flower profiles (chemovars) that go into our Endo Scientific product lines.

Who We Serve:

We serve people that would rather take their vitamin C by eating an apple than taking a pill or fizzing drink. Our people understand the value of eating a balanced diet that is rich in whole foods and the same reasons behind eating whole foods are the same reasons why you should be supplementing with full-spectrum hemp oil.  Our people stand against eating heavily refined processed foods, refined grains, synthetic vitamins, chemicals, or mineral or added sugars. All of these lifestyle habits encourage chronic inflammation and cause our endocannabinoid system to dysfunction.

There are far too many heavily processed hemp products on the market and at Endo Scientific, we believe traditional cultivating and processing techniques destroy the therapeutic benefits that nature created. If you are pro whole foods, anti-added sugars, and become sick when you see the number of processed foods at grocery stores then you just found your hemp company. We have found many of our most satisfied customers have not only committed to taking full-spectrum hemp oil, but they have committed to eating a more balanced diet that is rich in whole foods.

Health and wellness issues are complex and our happy customers have found that the best way to deal with complex issues is with full-spectrum hemp oils that provide a diversity of natural plant chemicals. CBD isn’t the only therapeutic compound found in hemp and at Endo Scientific, we have made a name for ourselves by specializing in cultivating plants that express cannabinoids and terpenes that aren’t found in the majority of hemp products.

Parent Approved, 100% Legal, & Superior Efficacy

We are safe, honest, and transparent with everything that we do. These values have allowed our team to hear heartwarming stories about how our products have changed the lives of kids and families across America. We take great pride in gaining the long-term trust of parents who are committed to improving the lives of their families. We have found parents are concerned about using CBD in their personal wellness routine and many other parents have to deal with the added stress of child developmental disorders, kids with childhood anxiety, or high-energy and emotional kids. Full-spectrum hemp oil is 100% safe for the entire family and can be used to alleviate childhood stress and calm overactive minds. Even the most well behaved children can become volatile and CBD can be used to keep the family happy and emotions in check. We encourage you to raise curious kids, not medicated and spaced out zombies.  

Loved By Healthcare Professionals

Hemp CBD is officially mainstream and this has allowed healthcare professionals in a wide variety of specialties to become more knowledgable about the endocannabinoid system. Healthcare professionals are the biggest consumers of cannabinoid and endocannabinoid system research and the most knowledgeable of these professionals have acknowledged the value of whole plant medicine and whole plant foods. Endo Wellness has provided many healthcare professionals with the products that their consumers or patients are looking for.

Healthcare professionals from frontline nurses and first responders to M.D.s, dermatologists, and fitness instructors have been fielding more and more questions from curious customers. At Endo Wellness, we have gained the respect and trust of many of these professionals due to our focus on quality, consistency, and not exaggerating the potential benefits. Hemp products and cannabinoids are not a cure-all for everything like some of us hope, but instead, full-spectrum hemp products should be viewed in the same way we view whole plants and our wellness routines. Cannabinoids without a doubt provide therapeutic benefits, but holistic healthcare professionals understand that optimizing our health and longevity needs to be a lifestyle. 

We recommend that all of our consumers and visitors seek professional advice for all medical problems. Endo Wellness makes no health claims about our products and we encourage everyone to do their own research. Not all hemp oil is made the same and hemp oils are about as unique as the patients that healthcare professionals are trying to treat. If you are a healthcare professional that would like to work with our research and product development team please connect.

Why Are We Better?

We have set the standard when it comes to crafting true full-spectrum hemp and we have accomplished this by researching and developing our own plant genetics, focusing on soil microbes, and taking great care while turning flowers into oils. 

Plants are a lot like humans, we both depend on a healthy relationship with good microbes. If we humans have a dysfunctional relationship with good microbes our immune systems weakens and we have increased chances of diseases. When plants aren’t cultivated in soils that are rich in good microbes it becomes impossible to grow nutrient-rich foods or full-spectrum hemp extracts.  

We are the leaders and original trailblazers at developing diverse full-spectrum hemp oil and we never use artificial flavors or try to recreate terpene profiles using non-hemp derived essential oils. We are true to the whole plant and our happy customers can smell, taste, see, and feel the difference in quality. 

We are one of the few companies in the world that have developed our own hemp genetics, practices an organic and biodynamic farming philosophy, uses proprietary cold extraction processing techniques, and measure our success by our customer’s happiness levels.