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Something that we all have in common is that we are all trying to avoid future muscle, back, joint, foot, and hand discomfort. This is what connects our community of wellness professionals and why you came to this web page. Our signature cream provides short-term discomfort relief, but for long-term results we suggest battling your discomforts on multiple fronts. This includes eating healthier and using oral hemp products. Our creams are designed for ultimate topical relief and some of our top customers have had success pairing topicals with full-spectrum hemp tinctures. The holistic approach can go a long way when it comes to staying active and doing the things we all love. We seek to not fix your discomforts, not just mask them. 

Why We’re Better: Biodynamic and organic ingredients, we moisturize and hydrate better than the rest, our creams can be used on all skin types, and our products don’t leave you with that greasy or tacky feeling. 

Our formula is made in-house using small batch production techniques. Small batch production allows our team to use higher quality natural ingredients and manufacture our products with time sensitive ingredients. You can quite literally feel the difference between our hand crafted products v.s. the mass produced junk. Our signature cream has a thicker texture than our body lotion and has a higher concentration of full-spectrum hemp oil. We are the real deal for handling compromised skin or discomfort at any age. Endo’s creams have the strongest concentrations of full-spectrum hemp oil and we can handle discomforts at every stage of your life.